Lanham Field is a new 1444 square foot masonry building with a metal roof. The building will be a concrete slab with an exterior of ground face CMU block wainscot and brick veneer. The interior will be ground face block walls, terrazzo floors with mechanical and storage rooms to be colored sealed concrete. The roof will be a 24 gauge metal standing seam color clad roof system. The roof edge is a steel angle and plate. The roof overhangs will be exposed metal decking to be painted. Translucent window/wall systems, such as Kalwall, will provide daylight harvesting throughout the building. Solar tubes will be used to help illuminate the interior of the restrooms. Mechanical systems will heat the building. All lighting and vent fans will be turned on by motion/occupancy detectors. The roof insulation will have a minimum R value of 24 with the wall using spray of foam insulation value of R-15 to R-18. The ceiling will be open trusses exposed deck to be painted. All mechanical ductwork will be painted. The site work will include grading, installing sod, constructing sidewalks and bringing utilities to the building.