Clean, inspect, and replace four (4) damaged ceramic insulators, three (3) are located on precipitator #1. One is located on the east and west inlet side and one on the east outlet side of #1 precipitator. One (1) insulator on the west outlet upper side of precipitator #2. The contractor shall secure power to the electrostatic precipitator #1 and #2 and use the appropriate lock-out / tag-out procedures. Remove grounding wire from the insulator lid and reconnect it to a suitable location as to provide adequate protection from possible electrocution. Secure plate racks as to prevent any movement for their present position. Disconnect the anodes in a manner that will facilitate the removal and replacement of the insulators. Replace existing ceramic insulators and unfreeze the racks, reconnect and adjust anodes. Reconnect all electrical power and ground wires required to properly operate equipment. Perform operational testing to ensure that equipment operates as per manufactures specifications.