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Replace 400HZ Converter with 2 Secondary 400HZ Services & Enclosure for Dome Hill Pad & East Hill Areas

Completion Date: Aug 28, 2011

Bid Type: N/A

Project Duration: 90 Days

Status: Completed

Project ManagerBlue Rock Structures, Inc., Justin Jones, (910) 743-0505, email: jjones@bluerockstr.com

OwnerNAVFAC Mid Atlantic, Lt. JG Thomas Carron, (252) 466-4755

LocationMCAS, Cherry Point, NC

DescriptionThis project replaced one 400HZ converter, 150KVA, 480V - 208V, 416A, 3 phase unit and provided two secondary 400hz services and an enclosure for Dome Hill Pad Area. Unit to provide for new circuit to East Hill and existing circuits of radar site. New enclosure is 14' X 15' uninsulated metal panel walls, and roof structure.