Exceeding Expectations for over a Decade


Interior and Exterior Repairs, BEQ HP195

Completion Date: Jul 21, 2017

Bid Type: General Construction MACC

Project Duration: 380 Days

Status: Completed

Contract NumberN40085-16-D-6300-0002

Project ManagerBlue Rock Structures, Inc., Justin Jones, 910-743-0505, jjones@bluerockstr.com

OwnerNAVFAC Midlant, LTJG Tcha Ouro-Bagna, 910-451-2581 ext5272

LocationMCB, Camp Lejeune, NC

Project NotesPrice Proposal shall be valid 120 days.

DescriptionThe work includes new interior finishes, major mechanical and electrical renovation, new plumbing fixtures, removal of existing concrete guardrails, new aluminum guardrails, removal and replacement of asphalt shingles,
expanded laundry room on the first floor, new soffits in all sleeping rooms, a new fire alarm and sprinkler system and incidental related work.