Exceeding Expectations for over a Decade


F-35 Infrastructure, B-4224 FRC-E

Completion Date: Dec 18, 2014

Bid Type: General MACC

Project Duration: 90 Days

Status: Completed

Contract NumberN40085-10-D-0260-0036

Project ManagerBlue Rock Structures, Inc., Justin Jones, (910)743-0505, jjones@bluerockstr.com

OwnerNAVFAC Midlant, LTJG Cory Henry, 252-466-4728

LocationMCAS Cherry Point, NC

Project NotesBidding as General Construction MACC- This project was out under Hubzone but is now resubmitted under GM.

The site visit requires appropriate PPE and NO cell phones are allowed in this facility.

DescriptionThe work includes installation of telecommunications network and infrastructure, testing and balancing (TAB) of existing HVAC supply diffusers and return registers, and incidental related work.