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New Trunking Communication Shelter, B-3886

Completion Date: Apr 14, 2014

Bid Type: General Construction MACC

Project Duration: 195 Days

Status: Completed

Contract NumberN40085-10-D-0260-0023

LocationMCAS, Cherry Point, NC

DescriptionThe work includes installing a new Trunking Communications Shelter foundation, foundation guardrail, security fence and electrical service. The new shelter will be provided and installed by others. The foundation
shall be installed in two phases. Dimensions and general requirements are specified for the foundation. The contractor is required to design the foundation to meet these requirements. At the completion of the first
phase the shelter will be installed on the foundation by others. The second phase will complete the foundation by providing an elevated walkway around the shelter, ramps, stairs and a guardrail. A perimeter security chain link fence shall be installed and electrical service will be installed using a GFE transformer.