Exceeding Expectations for over a Decade


B-4224 Security Modifications for F35 stalls 2&3 and collateral storage room FRC-East

Completion Date: Oct 1, 2013

Bid Type: General Construction MACC

Project Duration: PH1-7/21/13, PH2-9/1/13, PH3-10/01/13

Status: Completed

Contract NumberN40085-10-D-0260-0017

Project ManagerBlue Rock Structures, Inc., Chris Lawson 910-743-0505, clawson@bluerockstr.com

OwnerNAVFAC Midlant, ENS Cory Henry, 252-466-4728

LocationMCAS, Cherry Point, NC

DescriptionThe work includes installation of interior fence barriers, relocation of
furniture and equipment, wall construction, minor HVAC and electrical work
and incidental related work.