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Clean and Repaint Structural Steel B-9014, BT 11

Completion Date: Dec 12, 2013

Bid Type: Hubzone MACC

Project Duration: 365 Days

Status: Completed

Contract NumberN40085-11-D-8023-0012

Project ManagerBlue Rock Structures, Inc.,Brent Hartness 910-743-0505,bhartness@bluerockstr.com

OwnerNAVFAC Midlant, Amber Willis, 252-466-4745

LocationMCAS, Cherry Point, NC

DescriptionThe work includes the cleaning and painting of all existing exposed steel
framing members at buildings 9014 with an epoxy polyamide paint system.
Building 9014 is located above water. A containment system shall be
provided to prevent existing loose rust rust and paint from entering the
water during the cleaning and painting process.
The contractor shall take all necessary precautions so to protect and
maintain all existing utilities during the cleaning and painting process.